Categories for other languages?

Would it be possible to get categories for other languages on demand?

This way we could have people uncomfortable with English posting their concerns and sharing in their own language.

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Hm, I feel that would merit another discourse instance, but I love that.

There's a German board at by the way.

Generally the communities of different languages set up their own discussion fora. Rustplatz exists for German, and IIRC there's one for Mandarin Chinese as well (I can't find it right now, I see but that seems to be an older one).

It could be worth setting up categories here, but I'm skeptical that it will work out. We could try.

In general, after thinking a bit about it: they should be more easily discoverable, even from URLO directly.

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@skade could we probably discuss about this in the next r-c meeting?

Sure. Please add it to the agenda, should I forget. (If there's no agenda yet, anyone can just start the issue by copying over an old one)

It seems like @carols10cents already did. Thanks Carol!

We always edit the schedule in the first post.

It was me, putting words in @carols10cents mouth. Don't read this sentence after you spent a night watching horror flicks.


Hi, is there any update? Could we have new category help/zh?

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