Contributing to second edition of rust book

I would like to contribute to second edition of Rust book.
Hello, Cargo! - The Rust Programming Language in this page there seems to be a spelling mistake in this section.

I went to and ran the command:

cargo install mdbook --vers "0.1.7"

but not sure if that is for the 2nd edition of the book.

What are my steps to submit a PR for the second edition of the book?

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The second edition of the book is not accepting changes, as it is now printed. The 2018 edition would be great to have a fix for though!

You’d change the appropriate file inside the 2018-edition directory, and then send in a PR for that. Does that make sense?


Yes that makes sense thanks Steve.

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It appears that the 2018 edition has already fixed this spelling error, but the cool thing is that I have mdbook setup now for the future :slight_smile: