Auto "use" statement in RLS/IntelliJ


I’m learning Rust with a simple Rocket/Diesel/r2d2 project.
Great experience and documentation so far.

My only nitpick is the manual writing of use YYY::XXX statement. I guess my frustration comes from the fact that those libs are huge and I need to import a lot of stuff just to get started but I miss the auto-import feature I’m used to with IntelliJ.

I didn’t find a way to auto-import in the rust plugin in IntelliJ nor VSCode. Do you handle those by hand or am I missing something?


Nope this is not implemented yet :frowning:


Ok! At least, that forces me to read the docs :wink:


Yeah this is one of the big annoyances with the current IDEs right now if you are used to more mature development environments.

Intellij is promising but still limited and rather performance hungry.

RLS still crashes all the time for me and needs a manual restart in vim / VS Code.

Noone has auto-import yet.

It’ll be a few years until the tooling for Rust catches up.

Patience is said to be a virtue. In the meanwhile, you can do fine without the tooling and less convenience.