IntelliJ no longer "hey, want to add this import"?

I am running latest Rust plugin on IntelliJ.

For some reason, this feature seems to have "disappeared." I am wondering if anyone else has run into this issue:

  1. We are editing crate-foo.

  2. crate-foo/Carto.toml includes crate-bar

  3. crate-bar public exports Bar1, Bar2, Bar3

  4. crate-foo/ has use crate-bar::Bar1 (but not Bar2, Bar3)

  5. someone else in crate-foo/, we have a piece of code that looks like let x: Vec<Bar2> = ...

  6. Note, Bar2 has not been imported yet.

  7. In previous IntelliJ Rust vesions, the Bar2 would be in dark red. I would put the cursor over it, hit alt-enter -> import -> and IntelliJ would auto insert a "use crate-bar::Bar2" at the top of the current *.rs file.

  8. This seems to no longer happen.

Anyone else run into this issue?

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