PSA: If you had trouble with the RLS or VSCode plugin prior to Jan 27, try again

I’ve been having trouble lately with VSCode claiming that the RLS is not installed and then failing to install it, but decided to give it another try after @alexcrichton’s announcement that Rust will no longer be shipping nightlies without RLS, and seeing that the latest nightly (bacb5c58d 2018-01-26) has the rls-preview package.

Indeed, it appears to be working once again! (also, I discovered that I had a configuration issue leftover from earlier hacks) So if you’ve had trouble before, I suggest you give it another try!

cc @alanhkarp who mentioned having issues recently.

Note: In the past I think I recall it was necessary to set an override to use nightly, but this does not appear to be the case anymore. You can work on stable rust and the plugin will transparently install the RLS from nightly.

A note on possible configuration issues

At some point the rls component was renamed to rls-preview. This means older versions of the plugin have an incorrect default setting for one of the config variables:

"rust-client.rls-name": "rls",         // old (wrong, for now)
"rust-client.rls-name": "rls-preview", // new (correct, for now)

So if the plugin claims to be unable to install the RLS, update the plugin and check your settings.json to make sure your naive younger self didn’t put a copy of the old setting into there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you. It works. I’m not sure that I’ll move my editing to VSCode, though. I’ve gotten quite used to some features of IntelliJ. For example, IntelliJ shows me the inferred types and the names of the arguments in functions I call. On the other hand, it’s nice being able to set breakpoints, which I can’t do (yet, he said hopefully) in IntelliJ.

If you have a CLion license, the latest EAP apparently supports Rust projects and can do debugging.

Unfortunately, my unfunded startup can’t afford even the reduced price. I’ll just have to wait for either funding or for breakpoints in the Community Edition of IntelliJ, whichever comes first.