Any emacs users here who use org-babel or some other method to write "literate" rust?

I'm playing around with writing Rust snippets in my Emacs editor. I can get org mode to format my things nicely and play nicely with rust-mode. But I can't evaluate my code snippets. I think that may be because Rust isn't strictly a scripting language, as the suggestive error,
"error: no such subcommand: script"
provides, when I try to expand my rust source blocks. I could be just misunderstanding though.

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It looks like cargo-script is not installed. Try running cargo install cargo-script.


That did the trick! I don't suppose you're aware of some magic on how to get flycheck to run in my src snippets?

Unfortunately not. I am not an emacs user.

A Rust wizard nevertheless. Thanks!

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