Rust as a scripting language / bash replacement?

  1. I’m currently writing alots of glue code in bash.

  2. Is there anyway to do #! style scripting with Rust?

  3. I’m okay with the # of lines of code tripling, if, in exchange I get highly maintainable Rust code instead of Bash code (which I find difficult to reason about,)

The path after #! needs to be an absolute path, but in Rust the only thing that may follow #! is [, so I don’t think so. You might be able to do something with the Linux binfmt system (if your OS is Linux). But wouldn’t you want to use cargo as well?

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Have you seen cargo-script?


@jethrogb : You’re right, the #! requirement makes no sense. For some reason, I just thought #!/bin/bash -> #!/bin/run-rust (for some magical run-rust) and forgot that the entire file had to be a valid *.rs file.

@Michael-F-Bryan : Thanks, Cargo-Script looks like what I want.

Other suggestions welcome!

#! at the beginning of the file which isn’t followed by [ is considered a comment.

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