Advent of code 2023

Who here is pumped for advent of code 2023? Show me your hands :wave:

For those who don't know, advent of code is a 24 day coding puzzle marathon that is wrapped in a cute story. Starting December 1st you get two puzzles/problems a day and the difficulty increases with every day.


I don't do them myself, but I enjoy listening to streamers struggle through them. :slight_smile:


:joy: nice

nooo, sleepless mornings and blood red eyes whole month again... :frowning: :slight_smile:


Last year I did each day using a different programming language. Some of the highlights were Factor, SWI-Prolog, Unison and IntercalScript. I'd definitely recommend this to people who have a lot of languages they are interested in but haven't tried.

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I've created a template for this year - GitHub - 35359595/advent_of_code_23: My solutions to for year 2023
Fork it if you'd like to use it. And enjoy this year's challenges :slight_smile:

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I've generated a private leader board on the AoC website for those on this forum who are planning to do it. You don't have to be doing it in Rust but it would be nice to see how the community goes.

The code is: 3318327-a3ce1cfd, you can join private leader boards here.

First challenge in an hour and forty minutes, good luck folks!


Thanks for sharing the list code!

I use Python to get the stars fast, then reimplement in Rust (and then ask ChatGPT to review my code).
GitHub - mcimpoi/advent_of_code: My AOC solutions starting 2020 -- 2023 solutions are in a branch which is not yet merged; will merge after the competition.

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