My Solutions for Advent of Code 2022

Could anyone give some suggestions or feedback on my AOC solutions
Link: GitHub - Liftoff-Studios/AdventOfCode2022: All Solutions (Rust)
Note: I'm pretty new to rust and I suck at systems programming style languages

Thank you


As step #1 I recommend running cargo clippy on each of the small apps -> it gives several suggestions to make code a bit lighter/idiomatic.

if you don't have clippy installed, you can check it's "homepage" for instructions...

edit: Though it's not "MANDATORY", it's good practice imho to try reducing the clippy warnings to 0. I, as semi-beginner have not yet run into clippy warning that i could argue with as being "bad". (not to say it's 100% right all the time).

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There are many people with solutions in Rust's discord chat, so you can get inspirations/comparisons of various "coolness" level there as needed.

I am also trying to push solutions to my repo after some initial "beautification".

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