Advent of Code 2020

I'm taking the Advent of Code this year as an opportunity to learn Rust.

I read the first couple of chapters of the book and I'm googling the rest to see whether I can get it done and it's going ok so far. This will be ugly here and there but hopefully I'll get better as we go along:

Anybody else doing the advent with proper Rust and have their solutions somewhere? Please link up your repos here so we can compare.


Others are also sharing on /r/rust, if Reddit is your thing:


@alper I'm trying the AOC with Rust, Vim and a Chromebook (Linux -- Crostini). I'm just now starting to learn Rust and I tried the first puzzle. It's very difficult for me -- mostly because of distractions and time constraints.

If I manage to get anywhere I will post my solutions to and maybe I'll post on Reddit, too, as suggested by @ArifRoktim

The first one was incredibly painful for me. But I pushed through to get the learning effect. The second and third were a breeze in comparison.

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