Adopt 🦀 (crab) emoji as rust community? (donation to Unicode Consortium): update: polls

Wow, that was a LOT more feedback than I was expecting! Thanks everyone!
I’m glad that the Rust community is so caring about digital inclusivity!

None taken, thanks for weighing in! :heart:
I’ve added a poll for the tagline with some options I brainstormed, I’ll gladly accept other suggestions.
I don’t think unicode allows editing after the donation is done, but I’m imagining they’d be quite flexible during the submission process itself, so we can probably change our minds while the campaign is running.

Valid concerns, handing over money to strangers on the internet is always iffy…
I’m glad that the community team is willing to assist; I’m not yet sure how we could give shape to that assistance though.

I’ve been looking at GoFundMe, because it has the option of directly entering the receiving charity as beneficiary. (thanks @colindean, that reference helped!) I’m not quite sure (yet) how transparant this is to the donors, but maybe this could ease (valid!) concerns?

I’m a bit taken back by the (imho) high fees all these platforms seem to take; GoFundMe takes ~8.45%+€0.25 fixed per donation, and it seems to be one of the cheaper ones… (As a European, I’m used to bank-transfers being free, so almost 10% seems quite expensive to me; suggestions welcome!)

Side note: I’ll be at Paris RustFest in three weeks (woo!), if people want to size me up in person for internet-fraudster-levels :slight_smile: (or talk details, or whatever else they feel like talking about)


I’m in.

small update: I’ve reached out to the Unicode consortium, and to the organiser of the campaign, to ask about their experiences; Lets see what they have to say :slight_smile:

Simple: we’ve got people used to handling community money, helping in setup and vouching for a trusted receiver to pay towards already goes a long way.

That’s an okay price. You can expect around 5-6% fees just for handling credit card payment, handling advertising, promotion, cashout etc. on top just costs some money. This is not a wire payment, if I were to collect wire payments for you professionally (which are much more annoying than CC payments), I’d charge you a similar fee just for that.


Good point, I hadn’t considered that angle (yet). Thanks for offering!
(I’ll defer the discussion on how I will earn the trust of the community team until I have more concrete plans, but I’m guessing it will involve face-to-face meetings, and submitting some of my details with the community team)

Really? I’ll defer to your greater experience then; I guess my stingy Dutch-ness is showing… :blush:


How’s this coming?

I’ve put out feelers with the unicode consortium, and the initiator, but haven’t heard back.
I’ve not yet followed up due to my own wedding last weekend, and now Rustfest this weekend :blush:
I still intend to continue (though I reckon I’ve squandered a bit of momentum…)

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Are you attending impl days as well? Fetch me on one of the days, if you want! (Florian Gilcher, just ask the organisers where I am)

Unfortunately no, but see the PM I’m sending you