The mscot of the rust has any other Q picture

it is a boring topic . like go language . I see a variable of the woodchunk . it is Q . but the rust ferris is less. I think is has other lovely clab

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I think you might have meant to say “cute” instead of “Q”, but I’m not sure.

Your English is relatively broken, so it’s unfortunately quite hard to understand. If you meant “cute”, I would understand your post along the lines of

Does the mascot of Rust have any other cute pictures?

Sorry for bringing this up as is a bit of a boring topic, but I like the Go language. Looking at its mascot, I see some kind of woodchuck and it’s very cute. But Rust’s Ferris is less cute. I think there could be other, lovely (images of) crabs.

I’m not entirely sure on the sentiment you wanted to convey in the last sentence though.

Feel free to adapt any of my interpretation (assuming it fits your intentions) if you want to edit/improve your post. For further discussion, I can suggest, you try some freely available translation tools online, e.g. Google Translate, or using ChatGPT, to explain yourself in your native language and translate it into English – the result may be more intelligible.

On the topic at hand, I think many people would find ferris to be quite cute – if not sufficiently so in the original depictions, then definitely in various fan-arts, plushy adaptations, etc… that you can find relatively easily by searching for “Rust” and “Ferris” online.


Once a mascot has been lovingly or grudgingly accepted by the community it is hard or impossible to change. Personally I found the little Rust crab a bit cringeworthy when I first saw it, but it kind of grew on me, and when my wife first saw the cover of Rust for Crustaceans she said "Oh! Cute!" :joy:

This forum seems to be pretty remarkable btw - It's a forum in which obviously top-notch, extremely experienced programmers go out of their way to help total beginners.


If you're interested, aggregates a few different photos and merch items.


I never understood why every programming language and other software now a days needs a cutsie mascot character. The best thing about Ferris is that looked at the right way he looks like the Ukranian Bavovnyatko ghost animal:

I like the rusty gear Rust logo.

(technically, it's a sprocket)

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I don't think it is a sprocket. Sprockets generally have a rounded geometry on their teeth to mesh with the cylindrical bearing surfaces of chain links. The Rust gear has a rounded triangular tooth profile. Which reminds me of the gears I pulled from old clocks as a kid.


The Rust logo would make a terrible gear or sprocket in reality anyway.

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Sorry, I was on mobile before, otherwise I would have included a source to begin with :slight_smile:

Funnily enough, speaking of “rusty gears”, the name originally did not refer to rustyness either, but (at least allegedly [source]) to some type of fungus.

OK. Can't argue with that. I'm surprised that if a bicycle sprocket was the inspiration they would not have been more careful with the profile.

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