Worrying things about the Rust-Lang

Hello Rust community,
I'm just starting to learn Rust-Lang, and I see strange news from around. Something like this. You can also search for the term The RustConf Drama in Google and find more interesting things. I don't know that I must learn the CrabLang or Rust-Lang?

Any idea welcomed.

Thank you.

I don't know if there's much new to add to what was said in this thread. In particular, if you want to get as close to the source as possible, you may want to go here.

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Refer to here for the complete discussion.
This issue from the Crablang project could also be helpful.

And please, forget about Crab. Crab-lang is just a harmless protestware to show a form of opposition against the now abandoned trademark policy from the Rust Foundation. It's not an actual independent project.


I'm sure you can find these thing about any programming language organizations. This is nothing special and mistakes happen everywhere.

On a positive note the so called "drama" is a good thing. If there were no drama it would indicate that nobody is using Rust or nobody is developing Rust and/or nobody really cares about Rust. May be a little "drama" is a sign of enthusiastic progress.


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