Add a hint that that the preview is hiding behind the yellow welcome box

As a first-time user of Discourse, the yellow "Welcome to The Rust Programming Language Forum — thanks for starting a new conversation!" box was actively unhelpful. Could the contents be modified to mention that "Hide this panel with the button in the upper right to see the formatted preview of your post."?

I spent a while struggling to find a preview of my post until I found Make sure users know that a preview is being generated below panel - ux - Discourse Meta, which reveals that it's beneath the box. Once I knew what I was missing it was obvious how to close it, but my first assumption was that it's just making the content entry box narrower than it otherwise would be.

The blue "Your topic is similar to..." box has a similar appearance, but it doesn't completely cover what's underneath. For me that was a much more effective hint that there's useful stuff underneath it.

This is a hosted instance of Discourse, so any feedback on that side of things would have to be on the Discourse meta. Given that you already posted there, I don't think there's anything that can be done on our end.

Ah, so that's not customized per instance? Seems like the kind of thing that would be, but that's just me making assumptions.

Not to my knowledge. I'm not an administrator on here, though.

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