Where to suggest changes to the tutorial

Complete newbie here, working my way through the official tutorial on my Ubuntu laptop:


This code does not work for me because the input string ends with a newline:

.read_line(&mut guess)
.expect("Failed to read line");

println!("You guessed: '{}'", guess);

You guessed: '42

So to make it work I needed to

guess = guess.replace("\n", "");

Is this the right channel to communicate this?

If you notice the next line:

let guess: u32 = match guess.trim().parse() {
            Ok(num) => num,
            Err(_) => continue,

there is a trim call - that removes the \n.


oops my bad, a cut-and-paste error. Sorry about that.

All good. Please keep sharing your oops. Out here, some of us still learn from others questions and mistakes.


There is another suggestion: in the middle of chapter 9.2, should we refer to chapter 10.2 after the following lines " This error points out that we’re only allowed to use the ? operator in a function that returns Result, Option, or another type that implements FromResidual",

Because apparently traits implementation is discussed later, in chapter 10.2, unless I missed earlier mentions of it. So presumably at this point in the book a first time reader might not know about it. WDYT?

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