What's everyone working on this week (11/2019)?


New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?


Still contributing to https://github.com/svenstaro/miniserve and having a lot of fun with it.

I’m currently implementing the “download folder” feature, that creates a tar.gz file on the fly so user can download the folder. Also, I filed a PR to tar-rs because I stumbled on an (already known) bug.


Learning Rocket and sketching out a so-called “better link-sharing community”. https://github.com/notriddle/more-interesting


Working on a relative pointer library that will allow safe movable self-referential types.



Making game character health bars. The rushed implementation shows the concept:

Proper implementation would be something like this
  • Generate gradient texture
  • Generate texture with different colours per pixel (plus padding pixels)
  • Generate sprite sheet with 1 pixel sprites
  • Entity for bar background
  • Entity for actual hp
  • (Optional) Entity for outline (visual polish)
  • Transform using scaling to alter the “actual hp” length (because texture and sprite sheet are immutable after loading)
  • Attach to character entity using Parent component

Likely going to push that into Amethyst when it’s done.