What's everyone working on this week (17/2018)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Finishing sprites support in Amethyst and refactoring / writing tests for my rushed implementation of that in my game (aka cleaning up tech debt).

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I’m in the progress of adding and testing JSON support to rsbx(cli tool), such that adding --json flag will make it output everything in JSON instead of human readable text.

This makes it really easy to get output values(just use jq) and also integrate into scripts/wrappers and other automation stuff.

I have been learning Rust with Vulkano for one week.

Today I have triedrust for cross-compiling to ARMv7 (chip: rk3288), and just planned to write a web service with Rocket.rs

Last week I spent a few hours making a telegram bot that sends syntax-highlighted versions of all code blocks sent in a chat https://github.com/TheZoq2/telegram-code-bot.

I also ended up finally merging a feature branch which I have been workin on since august into my photo management program flash

This week I plan to continue working on my digital signal analyser, monocle, to get it into a useable state.

I’m working on sets and maps implementations for my small AI library for computer games. There’s going to be a lot of set operations on identifiers, all identifiers are usize, and there’s not going to be more than a few thousands of them at once, so I decided it might be a good moment to write my own, specialized versions of Set and Map which take advantage of that. And it’s also a good way to learn stuff.
So far, benches show it’s 3-4x faster than the std Set :slight_smile:

I’ve been busy with a lot of non-Rust stuff lately, but now I’m slowly getting back into it. I recently worked on a basic I2C API for stm32f0. Now I’m back on LPC82x HAL. I need one final push before I can release version 0.1 on crates.io, and I hope I’ll be able to get that done very soon.

I got imag 0.7.0 out of the door last week. This means bug-fixes this week (0.7.1 is coming up, I already have some patches on the “0.7.x” branch. 0.7.1 will happen early next week I guess), and of course some new features and refactoring being merged this week.

I really hope to get some more modules merged before my departure into my sabatical. Hopefully imag-calendar, but I guess that won’t happen as some features are missing in crates I depend on.