What websocket library is currently the preferable one for hyper/tokio applications?

I'm currently looking for a websocket library for my hyper web application and so far I'm seeing:

While warp is a http framework on it's own, I could still use it along side hyper.
All of the three projects have been updated in the last two months, but tokio-tungstenite seems to be the most active one.

Can anyone share some experiences and maybe give a comparison so I can make a decision?

Thanks in advance!

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I haven't personally used any of them, but someone I trust told me they liked tungstenite. (but I don't know if they tried any of the others)

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I used both websocket and tungstenite and liked second more - it is more lightweight, compatible with tokio 0.2, also it uses standard futures and provides compatible stream, while rust-websocket is quite out of date for async stack.

Warp is more like a web server framework and is also using tungtenite for handling websocket.

One issue though is latest published tungstenite 0.9 is using tokio 0.1, while 0.10 compatible with latest tokio 0.2 was not published yet hence for some time you might need to link to git master. It should be published relatively soon I believe.. Running node with 0.10 for a month I did not see issues yet.

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Thank you!
I'll go for tungstenite then.

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