WebSocket server crate for sending coordinates

Servers from games based on Valve's Source Multiplayer Networking send packets in a high frequency to update the game world.

I need a WebSocket server library. I saw tokio-tungstenite, but it says it's not the most performant library for WebSockets. Any other recommendation then?

I'd use Next.js + socket.io in the client.

Tokio-tungstenite's documentation mentions fastwebsockets as a performant alternative. Have you checked that one yet?

On the other hand, if you are gonna use socket.io on the client side I wouldn't be bothered about tokio-tungstenite not being the most performant server, to be honest...


I've thought the same, so I decided to try compiling a basic handshake from tokio-tungstenite.

It looks to work after a cargo run, but the problem is that rust-analyzer is outputting {unknown} for everything coming from the websocket_stream.split() call. split() itself doesn't even appear...

let (outgoing, incoming) = websocket_stream.split();

let broadcast_incoming = incoming.try_for_each(|msg| {
    // Received a message from `address`

    let peers = peer_map.lock().unwrap();

    // We want to broadcast the message to everyone except ourselves.
    let broadcast_recipients =
        peers.iter().filter(|(peer_address, _)| peer_address != &&address).map(|(_, websocket_sink)| websocket_sink);

    for recipient in broadcast_recipients {


I had to restart the IDE and now the types show up. Strange...

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