What is the best way to use GMP?

Hello everyone,

I have to use the GMP library in university projects, and I was looking for a way to do it in Rust instead of C/C++, thinking it would be more comfortable for me to play with something derived from num trait.

After a quick search on cargo, I found https://github.com/fizyk20/rust-gmp but I think it's something that does not exactly fit my needs because it's too close to the metal.

So, I found https://github.com/jsanders/rust-bignum that could be perfect if it was not so old, I tried a little to update it but, it asks me to rewrite it completely because the standard library has changed a lot with the first stable release.

What do you think, should I continue to work on rust-bignum, use rust-gmp, or is there another cool crate I've missed?

Thank you in advance,

I use rug, which offers a very comprehensive and idiomatic wrapper over GMP.

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