Someone succeeded to put rug in wasm app?

The title of the question sums it up.

If yes, did you had issues, corner cases I should be aware of ? I need a fast arbitrary number crate, WASM compatible, and it happens that Rug (GMP/MPFR..) is the most performant/complete according to the benchmarks we led for the functions we need, at the time of writing (one cannot beat an optimized multi years lib like that, and that's perfectly fine).
Moreover, we are used to this lib from our C++ stack. But a switch is happening for it, and WASM is a new target now.

This is a call for collective experience/ solid alternatives, more than anything else. Tested Malachite, Dashu, for the arithmetic part and two others but the perf and/or completeness wasn't there (yet).

The functions we use are :

I would have preferred a pure Rust solution to solve this, though.

Thanks !

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