What does this "*" do in rust

In this specific case what does "*" do

fn main() {
  let mut num: u32 = 3;
  edit(&mut num);

fn edit(num: &mut u32) {
  let new_num: u32 = 10;
  *num = new_num;

It dereferences num so you assign to the place in memory it points into (the num variable in main()) and not to the num variable.

The left-hand-side and right-hand-side of the assignment must be of the same type. If you didn't have the *, then the left-hand-side would be a &mut u32 but the right-hand-side would be an u32, which are not the same thing.

So basically "*" convert a &mut u32 to u32
Is i am correct?

To answer the question of what the * does in this case: It takes value of type &mut u32 and “returns” a place of type u32. Typical other examples of places include

  • local variable names
  • field access (x.foo)
  • array/slice index expressions (a[i])

Basically you can work with *num in many ways like with a local (mutable) variable of type u32 including assigning to it (as in your code example) or reading from it (e. g. let foo: u32 = *num;) or creating a reference to it (let r: &u32 = &*num).

Note that the deteferencing operator supports all kinds of reference / pointer types, not just &mut T, but also &T or Box<T> and more. It is even available for custom types, with behavior defined by the Deref and DerefMut traits.


Yes, the asterisk will dereference, which removes one layer of reference.

Okay, my confusion is finally cleared

I think you got it, but I just wanted to point out that convert is not really the right word to use here.

Dereferencing is more like: follow the reference to the underlying type.

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I love this explanation and wish I would have found it somewhere else before! Have been twisting my mind trying to find the proper words to explain it since beginning Rust. Thanks for the insight!

Edit: previously have tried to explain it as "The expression writes to that location in memory" but explaining it as a "a place of type" just makes more sense.

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For more details, see here: Expressions - The Rust Reference

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