Web framework with native support Server-sent event


I am developing a multiplayer turn based game and I am using Rocket as web framework, I’m loving it, but it has two big limitations:

  • it needs nightly
  • it doesn’t support Server-sent event natively.

So I am looking for a good and supported web framework that runs on stable rust and has better SSE support.

Thank you.

Maybe try this?

Thanks for the hints.

I had already seen that, but it seems to be so maintained, it has only one contributor and is inactive since almost one year.

Anyway maybe I will give a try, maybe it’s already robust enough!

:crazy_face: Haha, that’s the issue with several crates! You see it’s voluntary work and hence, being part of the open source community, it’s our responsibility to submit issues and create PRs! Or maybe write a lib your self, and open source it so that other people in the community can use it too.

Found one more too! :open_mouth: (kinda related I guess :wink: )

Warp supports server-sent events, see example.

Do you specifically need SSE? Websockets offer a similar (arguably more general / flexible) bidirectional communication channel. If you can broaden your search to include those, you’ll find a number of other platforms become viable.

In particular, Actix-web, which might suit the game model well.

Thank you!

That seems interesting! I will try to integrate in my app!

The downside with websockets is that they (AFAIK) don’t integrate very well with proxy and firewall. I read about people that have to make fancy things in order to make websockets work everywhere and since I am not such a network expert I would like to avoid to fall in those traps :blush:

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