Using BLAS in Rust on Windows

Hello all,

I'm new to Rust. I'm writing research code, currently in C++, that uses numerical libraries such as EIGEN, BLAS, and LAPACK. I've just dipped my toe into green-field development of analysis tools in Rust.

I've made a couple of attempts to use various crates that access these libraries, and consistently have linker errors that prevent the code from running.


I can't vouch for faer, but maybe this recent post would be useful:

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To try to help with using BLAS/LAPACK as requested, I note that the problem has been narrowed down in the linked GitHub ticket to

I note this in case it will catch the attention of people who know about using Rust and FFI on Windows.

(Edit: To that end, I've also appended "on Windows" to this topic's title.)


So far I'm using BLAS/LAPACK as part of libraries like Eigen and CGAL, so I can't yet use faer until I have truly Greenfield development that doesn't depend upon these standard scientific libraries.

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