Use hyper server with TLS



I’m trying to update tokio-tls to be usable with latest tokio and hyper. Most of things is working , but still have some issues with hyper-server example:

pub fn main() {
    // Create our TLS context through which new connections will be
    // accepted. This is where we pass in the certificate as well to
    // send to clients.
    let der = include_bytes!("identity.p12");
    let cert = Identity::from_pkcs12(der, "mypass").unwrap();
    let tls_cx = TlsAcceptor::builder(cert).build().unwrap();

    let new_service = || service_fn_ok(|_req| Response::new(Body::from("Hello World")));

    let addr = "".parse().unwrap();
    let srv = TcpListener::bind(&addr).expect("Error binding local port");
    // Use lower lever hyper API to be able to intercept client connection
    let http_proto = Http::new();
    let http_server = http_proto
            srv.incoming().and_then(move |socket| {
                    .map_err(|e| io::Error::new(io::ErrorKind::Other, e))
        .for_each(|conn| {
                conn.and_then(|c| c.map_err(|e| panic!("Hyper error {}", e)))
                    .map_err(|e| eprintln!("Connection error {}", e)),

    println!("Listening on {}", addr);

    hyper::rt::run(http_server.map_err(|e| eprintln!("Error running server: {}", e)));

Now I got 2 problems (maybe related) - the only way to make this compile is to use panic! in err_map. Otherwise I really cannot find appropriate mapping due to this error:

type mismatch resolving `<[closure@examples/ 56:79] as std::ops::FnOnce<(hyper::Error,)>>::Output == hyper::common::never::Never`

expected (), found enum `hyper::common::never::Never`

Above code somehow runs, but problem is when there is some error in the connection (like for instance using http:// schema in browser - then TLS handshake fails) - then severs stops responding to further connections - all connections are refused.

What could be the problem - do you see anything wrong in the code above? Any ideas?

full code for updated tokio-tls including this example is here