Problem with hyper-tls [Solved]

Hello i'm trying to actualize my code (a scraper to get manga) to use
hyper-tls 0.3.0 and
tokio-core 0.1.17

But i have a problem with the example of hyper-tls

in the hyper_tls - Rust

there is and example but when i want to compile

it's says and error:

 Compiling playground v0.0.1 (/playground)
error[E0061]: this function takes 2 parameters but 1 parameter was supplied
  --> src/
13 |         let https = HttpsConnector::new(4).unwrap();
   |                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ expected 2 parameters

But in the documentation i only see that HttpsConnector get (1) parameter ¿?¿?¿'

What is my error or is a errate in the documentation.

Many thank in advance and sorry for my english

Looks like the playground only has hyper_tls in version 0.1.x whereas the one argument version of the constructor has only been added to hyper_tls 0.2 and later.

How i can know the exact version of the hyper-tls that is using the playground?

To do the examples, and to pass the information, i was thinking that the playground uses the last version of the crate that is considerated stable.

The last asumption is wrong?

This is the list of crates the playground provides:

If you need something else I fear you need to do it on your own machine.

Ok, this afternoon i will continue in my machine and if i find another bug i know where i can go to obtain information. :wink: