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@mirashii on the community discord:

Think of "it works" when you have UB like this: You've flipped a coin 1 time and it's come up heads and you've concluded it's never tails.


What people do with Rust, specifically, is they tell you that once you "figure out" the borrow checker, it's never a problem again and your code design just automatically "improves" (by what metric?). But that's not really true. The borrow checker definitely hamstrings certain things. It's okay to admit that.

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@nitred on Hacker News:

As a Python programmer with limited experience with compiled languages, Rust code was more intimidating to read or look at than C++, Java or Go. After only an hour, I am overwhelmed by the sheer beauty and mature design of this language - it almost reads like Python or as well as any compiled language can. I cannot believe that I am smitten by Rust within an hour. Its features seem, obvious.


From @Yandros , a funny meme challenging your understanding of Rust.
-> Passing self to callback returning future vs lifetimes - #5 by Yandros


The config server is currently the most stable, reliable, well-tested and idempotent part of the entire system! I have not had a single hiccup or performance issue out of Calloop + ZMQ + signals + etc. and 99% of my dev time is on the actual config logic, not event loop stuff.

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Rust favours security over convenience. Rust does not want you to make silly little mistakes than can waste so much of your time debugging, which in the end makes it more convenient.

from @Joe232 on URLO



»Incidentally, this leads to the following also being valid code:

fn foo() -> i32 {
    return return return return return!!!!!!!!!!111;


from Reddit user PatchMixolydic which cited it from Reddit user pczarn.


Congratulations, you have confused the Discourse Rust parser :laughing: that snippet is highlighted incorrectly.


Well, it's just one space apart from being treated correctly:

fn foo() -> i32 {
    return return return return return !!!!!!!!!!111;

Incoming proposal to rename return keyword developers


Why do I use the letter ‘o’ for my generic closure param name? [...] I recently realized that since Rust uses pipes to enclose a param block, using ‘o’ makes the block look like a TIE fighter. I am not a terribly serious person.

-- @MrTact, Polishing Rust


Rust is Fast, Mutable ML with a compiler that gives you grief.

@sycration on Discord

(The rest of the quote is really good too, go read it :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Describing Rust as a systems programming language in 2021 is like describing Microsoft as Windows or Google as search. Yes, Rust is equipped for systems programming, but its applicability is much wider.

Tim McNamara on Twitter


Rust is so easy even neurosurgeons can understand it

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I'm starting to think of the compiler and borrow checker as training wheels for writing correct code, which I'm trying to end up relying on less and less. While they can definitely feel like a wall, you just have to find the doors.

@PFaas in Rust is too hard to learn


What I have been learning ... was not Rust in particular, but how to write sound software in general, and that in my opinion is the largest asset that the rust community tough me, through the language and tools that you developed.

Under this prism, it was really easy for me to justify the step learning curve that Rust offers: I wanted to learn how to write sound software, writing sound software is really hard , and the Rust compiler is a really good teacher.


This ability to identify unsound code transcends Rust's language, and in my opinion is heavily under-represented in most cost-benefit analysis over learning Rust or not.

@jorgecarleitao, Thank you for the teaching on how to write sound software


Having a fast language is not enough (ASM), and having a language with strong type guarantees neither (Haskell), and having a language with ease of use and portability also neither (Python/Java). Combine all of them together, and you get the best of all these worlds.

Rust is not the best option for any coding philosophy, it’s the option that is currently the best at combining all these philosophies.

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Perhaps this is an oblique reference to RESF?

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"Stream is an Iterator, but instead of advancing space you're advancing time."

Esteban Kuber on twitter


The main theme of Rust is not systems programming, speed, or memory safety - it's moving runtime problems to compile time. Everything else is incidental. This is an invaluable quality of any language, and is something Rust greatly excels at.

( over 18? in Advantages of building a CRUD web application in Rust? : rust)