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If other compilers are insufficiently advanced, rustc must be called insufferably advanced.


Macros are not compiler magic. They are compiler science.

-- /u/DannoHung @ Reddit - Dive into anything


When I'm programming, I prefer to do my own swearing. I don't want the compiler telling me "Did you mean $#&@foo instead? (line 56)."

shponglespore on reddit


Hi, I read TWiR 364's QotW, follow the link and see a response (to the quote) that said:

Yeah I keep editing and building until it builds successfully. After that, whatever’s wrong is the compiler’s fault.


I think the quote in TWiR 364 is not (very) good.

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I'm not sure what you intend to accomplish by saying that here.

People put up proposed quotes here and others like them to vote for them on their own merits. What do replies that weren't proposed for inclusion into TWiR have to do with the suitability of the snippet that was proposed?

If it helps, QOTW isn't specifically quotes about Rust, but quotes the Rust community liked that week. See, for example, QOTW 330, QOTW 312, and QOTW 298.


i just spent 8h finding a mutability bug and now i wanna be a catgirl

By @castle_vanity on Twitter


The code people write is first a question to the compiler, and later a story for people changing that code.

– Esteban Kuber (answering to a discussion of his previous Quote of the Week) on r/rust


I know rustc is famous for its nice error messages, but i was still surprised when i found this in a github issue discussion regarding a performance regression:

I know noting about the compiler internals but it looks to me as if 90% of the time is spent pretty-printing LayoutError.

@pftbest on github


Let’s be clear: We understand that we are net beneficiaries of the exceptional work that others have done to make Rust thrive. AWS didn’t start Rust or make it the success that it is today, but we’d like to contribute to its future success.

Submitted due to this comment. From here.


I've been watching Rust closely, doing some casual learning and lurking. I've been nothing but impressed, with very few exceptions, and where I've had doubts those have been addressed in a thorough and encouraging way. To call me a cynic is to call water wet and bulls mean, so take that for what it's worth.

The community is very notable though. The community has been knowledgeable, understanding, gentle, kind, and thoughtful in their approach. The human things are done in a very human and inviting way, exceptionally so.

This tips the scales for me as far as intellectual investment goes...I now know what language I'm going to be getting to know very well for probably decades to come.

Hello Rust.

From Reddit - Dive into anything


[Jesse] nice things are going smoothly on my end if that makes you feel worse
[Alex] well they were for me as well, until I decided to reduce clones.....
[Jesse] things that rust devs say
[Jesse] things that action stars say in action movies
[Jesse] things that scientists say about sheep

Private conversation about Rust/software development with Jesse Abramowitz


Writing rust for me is a gradual process of the compiler patiently guiding me towards the program I should have written in the first place, and at the end I take all the credit.

@felixwatts on Discord


The borrow checker experience is basically that bit in movies where the two leads who've spent the whole film bickering get into a full-on fist fight; one of them pushes the other against a wall, there's a moment of shared understanding, and they start making out.

/u/tunisia3507 describes "fighting and eventually understanding the borrow checker" on /r/rust


Carcinisation of programming

-- Erelde on reddit, celebrating the subreddit's 120k'th subscriber.

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When you compile with optimizations, you pay the cost for all of Rust's abstractions at compile time. When you compile in debug mode, you play the cost for Rust's abstractions at run time.

@ArifRoktim in Noob: Why is the performance of release build so much better?


Engineering is not about "not doing mistakes". Engineering is about designing systems that ensure fewer mistakes occur .

Rust is such a system.

~ Amos, Aiming for correctness with types


It took me sometime to let go and embrace getting things working before optimizing. It was a major breakthrough on that journey when I realized that ALL my python variables are Rc<RefCell<_>> , so any chance I had to make a variable that was less complicated than that was already a big optimization. If 1/10 Rust variables had to be that complicated it would not feel good, but it would already be 90% better. So if 1/50 make the code ezere to read and maintain then do it!

-- Eh2406 @ Reddit - Dive into anything


-- @ZiCog in Can we trust libc?


I guess it's worth mentioning that Reddit's markdown parser is written in Rust, based on comrak, and Reddit is running a bunch of Rust every single page request. By CPU cycles, Reddit has got to be one of the biggest users of Rust there is.

-- brson @ Reddit - Dive into anything


In why const fn: