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<kmc> Rust std library has a type called Cow
<alixir> seems useful
<alixir> to avoid Mooving data unnecessarily


Which channel?


PM; got permission.


Manishearth: ^ the creators of rust inventing borrowck in their evil lair

From #rust-internals


For the most unsound Clone implementation ever…


“Have I ever told you the story of the mutpocalypse? It all began fifty years ago…”

Moooom! Grandpa Gankro’s telling that story again!”

“He’s old, just humour him.”

Quxxy on Reddit


Because mem::transmute is the answer for all the borrow checker complaints! (Not really)

L117: I tried to change my nickname to meme::transmute::<&'a Doot, &'static mut L117>(doot) with no success ):
Cldfire: Your plot to live forever has been foiled

Spookin’ Dootin’ mem::transmutin'


Angry Dootin’ mem::transmutin'


@enet_4: Day 31: I have gained the linter’s trust. Clippy still thinks I’m a format string.

Due to linting on panic!({ true }) about a malformed format string.


Hi, I think rust is just an amazing achievement because it is the first time we all, just about the first time we’ve seen one of these kind of linear or affine type systems actually make its way into practical use. So its just incredible, well done! I’m, you know, I mean I’m wild with envy. I want to steal all the best ideas I can and put them in Haskell.

Simon Peyton Jones commenting on Niko Matsakis’ presentation about Rust at Curry On Barcelona! YouTube link.


@CleanCut in the sibling thread gives the best metaphor for Rust I’ve seen so far :slight_smile:


(quoting Effective Modern C++ by Scott Meyers)
"The interaction among perfect-forwarding constructors and compiler-generated copy and move operations develops even more wrinkles when inheritance enters the picture."
This is the kind of sentence that will make me run away screaming. Rust doesn’t have any of those features, gets by fine without them, and thus avoids such bizarre interactions.

“Keegan” on his blog, main is usually a function


This should be the quote of the week, obviously.


The quote content from the previous post:

That RFC would break too much code to justify implementing it in Rust 3.0. @SimonSapin


Quoted from , in the wrap-up:

[the] unsafe [keyword] is your friend. He’s not your friend like you’d invite to your sister’s wedding, but he’s the kind of friend who lives in a bunker in the wilderness has has 37 guns and if you need something blown up he is there for you.


Did the presenter actually say “has has”?


Spoken at 38:35 in the video.


This may sound intuitively plausible, but turns out to be extremely subtle.

Ralf Jung on Rust safety in “RustBelt: Securing the Foundations of the Rust Programming Language”.


Link for @sanxiyn’s quote: RustBelt: Securing the Foundations of the Rust Programming Language (page 21 of the PDF, last paragraph under point 5.2).
That turned out to be quite the interesting read about formalising the lifetimes of Rust, even if the maths went over my head…


Good farmers use their bare hands, average farmers use a combine harvester.

sin2pifx’s sarcastic response to “Good programmers write C, average programmers write Rust”.


In response to “What is preventing rust from replacing c/c++?”