TWiR quote of the week

It's from this April Fool's post.

What is now was that block of text during April Fools.

That post copied it from the CSS as well. The CSS was setup to add the block of text to the end of various comments, if I read it correctly.

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Yes. It would add things like "Fearless concurrency!", "Rewrite it in Rust", and that block of text to the end of things.

That said, I'd be surprised if that was copied from the CSS to a post of its own, rather than the other way around, because I don't remember seeing it show up at the end of posts until a while after the post was made.

At least I assume that was the direction it went since the post mentioned it being in the CSS.

Do you remember the exact phrasing?

It's entirely possible I missed that but, depending on the phrasing, it could also have been added after I saw it.

No, not exact phrasing. So it is possible I miss-recall it.

Nobody expects the Rust Evangelism Strike Force!

Our chief weapon is surprise, surprise and fearless concurrency... fearless concurrency and surprise... our two weapons are fearless concurrency and surprise, and ruthless efficiency our three, weapons
are fearless concurrency, and surprise, and ruthless efficiency, and an
almost fanatical devotion to zero-cost abstractions. Our four, no--amongst our weapons... Amongst our weaponry... are, such elements as fearless concurrency, surprise... I'll come in again.

From kibwen @ Reddit - Dive into anything


You know, Rust is the RMS of programming languages: the borrow checker has highly unpopular opinions about your code that inevitably turn out to be 100% correct.

Peter Todd here and on Twitter


Rust doesn't end unsafety, it just builds a strong, high-visibility fence around it, with warning signs on the one gate to get inside. As opposed to C's approach, which was to have a sign on the periphery reading "lol good luck".

Quxxy on r/rust


There are many ways in which Rust is like a version of C/C++ that mutated when Haskell was injected into its veins.

Lokathor on r/rust


the RFC really being four RFCs in a trenchcoat

whitequark on RFC 1847

< ssheldon> well now I'm just bummed I won't get to publish my AUX crate

Heartfelt remorse from the instigator of the nulpocalypse ( )

< Ralith> wasting absurd amounts of time on too-clever metaprogramming is a time-honored tradition!

From #rust-gamedev


oli_obk: good thing is, your code won't run until it's mostly right :wink:
BernardoMeurer: I like VHDL more, your code will run even if it literally explodes the hardware


Ok, I think we can just give up with the QotW now. Because no one will ever top that one. :slight_smile:

Hold my beer.

llogiq making promises on reddit.

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(from 2016)

In general, enough layers of Rc/RefCell will make anything work.

gkoz on the users forum in thread "How to get static lifetime?". (link)

I lol'ed. Still getting into the groove of writing (and reading) Rust and this feels true/hilarious/like cheating the compiler.

EDIT: I see it had been suggested before, not sure if it was used. Still super funny :smiley:

Spent the last week learning rust. The old martial arts adage applies. Cry in the dojo, laugh in the battlefield.

/u/crusoe on Reddit


It may be related to "any program architecture problem may be solved with one more layer of indirection, except of excessive number of indirections"



Cuanto tiempo :smiley:

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Also, @coder543 helped identify a surprisingly large difference in times when a Framed transport is used. I'm going to check if that's something specific to Rust, or common to all transports. I really want to thank him for:

  1. Being super helpful in working with me until we figured out the exact setup that caused the issue (despite my claiming it was a problem with his setup!)
  2. Having a great attitude! We need more people in our community like this.

From Initial Rust support for Thrift lands in Thrift mainline - #24 by coder543