Tutorial: Conway's Game of Life in Rust and WebAssembly



Hi everyone!

This new tutorial goes a bit more in depth than the extant tutorials we’ve had for Rust and WebAssembly. The goal is to introduce all the topics you need when doing real Rust+Wasm development, all with a single running example to give continuity.

Topics covered include:

  • Setting up the toolchain and making a hello world
  • Designing Rust programs for WebAssembly
  • Debugging
  • Time profiling
  • Code size profiling

Every chapter also has exercises, if you want to challenge yourself.

If you follow along with the tutorial, please take notes along the way!! Your feedback would be incredibly valuable!



Simple Rust WebAssembly Tutorial Request

Is there an updated link? Looking forward to checking this out.



Sorry for the URL churn!


Thank you!