Unable to get Wasm Rust Game of life to work

The tutorial is found here: https://rustwasm.github.io/book/game-of-life/introduction.html
I followed it step by step but the setup fails to serve the html page. It will correctly call functions from the wasm binary but does not render anything regardless of the browser I am on.

When inspecting source in the browser I can see the html page I try serving, but the screen remains blank. Having no prior experience with this kind of issue and the tutorial building upon a template I'm not sure how to proceed.

How far did you get in the tutorial? Did the "Hello World" alert box appear after following the steps in Chapter 4.2? https://rustwasm.github.io/book/game-of-life/hello-world.html

If you open the console in your browser's developer tool pane, do any errors or warnings appear when you load your page?

You can also find the completed code for the Game of Life project here, so you can compare it to your source code and see if anything is missing:

I personally never was able to finish this tutorial too. If you just want to try wasm, I recommend this tutorial, is much lean.

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