Turn off underline from mut variable name in VSCode

Hi, I'm using VSCode + rust-lang.rust-analyzer on macOS. The mutable variable name guess is with underlines on line 5 & 7. How can I turn the underline off from variable name in VSCode settings.json?

use std::io;

fn main() {
    println!("input: ");
    let mut guess = String::new(); //Line 5
        .read_line(&mut guess). //Line 7
    println!("output: {guess}");

This answer seems to work

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Thanks very much,


"editor.semanticHighlighting.enabled": false,

Well, this will disable any semantic highlighting, including useful things such as e.g. syntax highlighting of formatting strings.



The answer I linked to will however only disable the underlining of mutable variables (or variables holding mutable references, or &mut self method calls)

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Hi, Steff

    "editor.semanticTokenColorCustomizations": {
        "enabled": true,
        "rules": {
            "*.mutable": {
                "underline": false,

Yes, I understand that. 10+ lines in json to turn off 1 feature - the underline for mut variable name? I prefer to turn off them all.

Actually, the only feature I need most is the outline view of symbols. The Source insight editor does a great job on this feature. I can't add underline for a variable name in text editor, so I don't need extra underline for a name. I don't need syntax highlight, auto completion too.

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