Rust Analyzer adding heavy underline to mut variables/functions

I'm switching to Rust Analyzer in my VS Code setup, and I've noticed this underline being added to mutable variables and functions:
Notice that fbm, and the methods called on it (which each take &mut self) have an extra underline added, while the max_* and img_* variables below, which are not mut, do not. (Ignore the yellow squiggles, I'm actually in the midst of a large refactor/rewrite and at this moment they're not used yet.)

This underline is very distracting to me, whereas (so far at least) everything else has been a great improvement. Is there a way to disable this, or tweak the style to make it less pronounced?

Yes, you can use a snippet like this to disable the underline, just insert the theme you're using:

"editor.semanticTokenColorCustomizations": {
        "[Default Light+]": {
            "enabled": true,
            "rules": {
                "*.mutable": {
                    "underline": false

Worked perfectly, thank you!

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