Stackoverflow when trying to use vec of different types using async


I am trying to use a vector of different types without enums, but I get a stackoverflow!

There is no concrete error thrown.

Thank you in advance for your help if you have any idea.

Your blanket DrawClone and Clone for Box<dyn Draw> impls are infinitely mutually recursive for T = Box<dyn Draw> .


This removes the infinite recursion for the impl Clone and at least let's the playground run. (I didn't do any further review at all.)

 impl Clone for Box<dyn Draw + Send + Sync> {
     fn clone(&self) -> Box<dyn Draw + Send + Sync> {
-        self.clone_box()
+        (**self).clone_box()

That way you call <dyn Draw + ... as DrawClone>::clone_box instead of <Box<dyn Draw + ...> as DrawClone>::clone_box (recursively).

You seemed to get the idea with your impl Draw for Box<dyn Draw + Send + Sync>, so perhaps that's all you needed to understand what's going on, but if not I have an example with more details here.


I should have read your helpful extra doc first.
Thank you for pointing to this example.

I played around a little bit with your example. I removed the "double deref" and got surprisingly no infinite recursion. Why might this be the case here? :astonished:

EDIT: Ahh sorry, I was missing the forest through the trees. When I don't call clone it's clear that no infinite recursion happens. :rofl:

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