Ssh transport & multiple request/response over same channel

Anyone can recommend crate/approach to SSH transport of messages and repeated iteration of request/response over the pending tcp stream/channel without pty/shell?

I've run into some problems with ssh2-rs, as my use-case requires exchanging some XML "commands" between client-server, without actual PTY/shell - so imho not the typical "how do i cd, copy file, cd elswhere" SSH problem.

Recreating the channel seems not to be solution, as SSH server drops the session when channel is closed/reacreated.

it looks like the library invalidates the channel after first request/response iteration, when i try to do another round of request/response on the same channel.
My server receives & logs the dispatched second request, but reports aborted session on client (rust app) side when trying to send the response back.

I've tried to open the github issue for guidance (usage of `Channel` for sequence of request/reply operations? · Issue #243 · alexcrichton/ssh2-rs · GitHub), but it may take some time (if it gets feedback at all - just saying, no passive agression/implications :slight_smile: ).

This looks like same problem that was discussed briefly in thread here on forum - Parsing incoming text streams
Not sure if the OP (would be ok to tag them here?) of the thread or someone else adressed this problem succseflly, either by ssh2-rs, or other crate(s)?

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