Russh client to open a pty

Hi there... i have a question about russh but the context is pretty general.

Russh opens so called channels within a ssh session. These channels can be used for port forwarding or generic to handle commands or even request a pty.

Trying to simulate a normal ssh client i want to open a pty and use stdin and stdout for this pty.

But: both reading from stdin and from ssh channel are blocking.
So the first idea is: spawn two tokio tasks.

Here's where i got stuck. For one task i need channel immutable (to read the output of the pty) and one task needs a mutable channel to send data from stdin.

What's the right way to handle this the rust way? I'd be grateful for a small hint to continue my lesrning experience, but the examples given on their repository don't cover pty/looping

I'd recommend sharing the code snippet in question. Show us what you've already done.

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