[SOLVED] Stream did not contain valid UTF-8


Hi guys, I’m new to rust and for my first project, created a Brainfuck interpreter.
I tried to read a file and parse it.

let args: Vec<String> = env::args().collect();
let path = Path::new(&args[0]);
let mut file = File::open(&path).expect("FILE NOT FOUND");
let mut file_content = String::new();
match file.read_to_string(&mut file_content)  {
}    ;

But I get this error :

stream did not contain valid UTF-8
My file contains valid utf 8 but I still get that error.

how can I fix this error? thanks


Sorry guys, it’s my fault. I must get the args[1] for input file name.
cargo run -- bf


You need args[1] and not args[0]. The zeroth arg is the name of your program.