[solved] Change of username?


I have recently merged my two github accounts. When I log in here, I get back my post history but my username is locked to the original and I can’t seem to update it. Can this be updated or I am stuck with old username? Thanks.


I can update your username. The forum software warns me that this will break old @ mentions and quote links, but that seems fine. Is “pwrdwnsys” your new username?


Yes, that’s right. Thank you very much!




Hi there - I have a similar problem and I wasn’t sure if I should create a new topic or not.

I changed my github username (to mistodon) and would like it updated here as well if possible.



Not sure if it works. But have you tried re-oauth-ing this forum with github? That might solve it.


Done. Future name changers, feel free to message me or other admins for help.