How can I re-visit my old crate?

I’ve published one crate about two years ago, but now found that I’m not the owner when I decided to go on.

Any one help?

Hm, we don’t modify this kind of thing, so seems like it may be a bug? What’s the crate in question?

crate libr, the page says the owner is me(zitsen), but my dashbord says not.

The libr crate is owned by (non-existent) GH user zisten, while you are zitsen (s and t are swapped).


I’m sure im the owner, at least sometimes before, the repo is owned myself.

Which has even a wrong repo URL in its cargo.toml:

repository = "

So it seems as if you managed to register that crate in a faulty state.

that’s so sad, seems causing by an username renaming i’v forgot. thanks for your patience.

The admins may be able to fix that for you. I believe they may have to manually handle GitHub username changes.