Simple 2d library

I need some library to display image as it’s been rendered (on a desktop machine).

I don’t want to have ‘game loop’, but I want some way to keep image on screen (updated from libraries internal buffer on screen redraws, etc) with some way to ‘draw this’.

The best library insofar I found was ‘turtle’, which handles all low-level details and allowing me to say 'start drawing on window 800x600, go there and add a line, etc". Unfortunately, it’s not that good for pixel-based drawing, so I’m trying to find a faster replacement.

Basically, I want a ‘2d canvas’ to draw on, without thinking on low-level details.

Can you suggest something?

How high-level a library are you looking for?

  • If you just want an easy way to push pixels into a buffer and get them on the screen, minifb is pretty nice.
  • If you want stuff like textures and shapes, a game framework like ggez or quicksilver might be a good option (they have a game loop, but it’s fairly minimal).
  • There’s also nannou, a ‘creative coding’ framework for Rust, which is designed to be extremely low-friction - here’s a drawing example.

Hopefully that points you in the right direction.

Thank you!

My goal is to play with simple 2D screen as I played with ZX-Spectrum in the past. Minimal setup, plus ability to draw dots in minimal amount of efforts.

I’ll report back after playing with both minifb and nannou.

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