Should release contain test directories?

Hey, this is my first post. I hope that i did everything right.
Over the last week i developed my first useful crate. I now want to publish it as an alpha version to There is a directory in my project files, that is only used for testing. It contains a single file with one word. Without it the test don't work. Is it a good idea to include this file in my commit? It is important for testing, but i don't know if other people use the repository to test my crate, rather than to use my github repo. (By including/excluding i mean adding it to exuded files in the cargo.toml)

Assuming that this directory is not all that big, I would vote to include it. This would allow crater to test your crate. Crater is used to test compiler changes that could potentially break existing code on all crates on This allows determining if a change is safe to land, requires careful coordination to avoid disrupting the ecosystem or is effectively impossible to land without breaking everything. On the other hand if this directory is rather large, the benefit of allowing crater to run your tests probably doesn't weigh up to the slower downloads for all your users. Crater will still be able to test that your crate compiles in that case at least.


Oh i did not know about crater. The whole directory is only 8 bytes big, so i don't think it will be a problem. Thank you, i will include it :slight_smile:

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