Crater for my reverse dependencies



If rust plans or tries out some changes they are not really sure about, they can start the crater thing and see if they broke anything. This is a great thing, but unfortunately it is available only for rustc, compiles literally everything, etc.

I’m in a position of a crate owner and I want to publish some changes. I believe I wouldn’t break anyone depending on me, but it would be nice if I was able to check it ahead of time.

So I was wondering if there’s some more lightweight variant of crater I could run on my own machine. It would query to list all my reverse dependencies, download these, try to patch them to link to my local version of my crate and see if they broke by that.

Does anyone know of such thing?


I don’t know about downloading them, but if you find a tool to do that, crater seems to be able to run on all crates in a local directory? /

It’s stated as to be used by unit tests, but as far as I can tell the option will still be there in compiled crater, and you could put your own crates into a “local-crates” directory and get it to pick them up.

Edit: on the other hand, that would be entirely useless since it still just tests rustc… Nevermind.


It shouldn’t be too hard to add another option to crater --crate-select=...