Sharing a crate with crate-type = dylib

I have a rust library that does not use extern "C". (swc_common) I want to share the library among core runtime and custom plugins.

To make it a dynamic library, I used -C prefer-dynamic with

crate-type = ["lib", "dylib"]

Then I build core runtime using cargo, and verified that it links to swc_common dynamically.

Now I use allow calling functions in this dynamic library from custom plugins. I used -C prefer-dynamic and configured cargo to use rpath while building plugins.
cargo generated libswc_common.dylib and main dylib for the plugin itself.

I tried loading the built plugin dylib from core runtime, but it complained about missing dynamic library.
So I copied target/release/libswc_common.dylib to include hash string and added target/release to LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Now it complains about missing symbols.

---- test_resolve_1 stdout ----
thread 'test_resolve_1' panicked at 'should success: failed to invoke `/Users/kdy1/projects/s/plugin-rt/plugin/node_modules/@swc/plugin-internal-test-darwin-x64/lib.dylib` as js transform plugin

Caused by:
    0: failed to load plugin
       Could not open library at:
       	dlopen(/Users/kdy1/projects/s/plugin-rt/plugin/node_modules/@swc/plugin-internal-test-darwin-x64/lib.dylib, 5): Symbol not found: __ZN10swc_common6errors7HANDLER17hdb47195cd550e3d5E
         Referenced from: /Users/kdy1/projects/s/plugin-rt/plugin/node_modules/@swc/plugin-internal-test-darwin-x64/lib.dylib
         Expected in: /Users/kdy1/projects/s/plugin-rt/plugin/runner/../../target/release/libswc_common-fed1fd40add5e453.dylib
        in /Users/kdy1/projects/s/plugin-rt/plugin/node_modules/@swc/plugin-internal-test-darwin-x64/lib.dylib

       ', plugin/runner/tests/

Can I prevent name mangling of crate-type = dylib or make them consistent?
I used same version of rustc for core runtime and plugins.

If you want a stable ABI, you have to use extern "C".


See also abi_stable crate.

It's usually better to use a cdylib that exports Rust types through a stable API. As kornel says, abi_stable can help with that.

The problem with dylib is that it's built and tested specifically for the compiler's usage so it can be a headache to work with outside of that (as you've found). This is especially true on some platforms.

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