Scriptable rust editor/ide?

  1. I previously used vim (10+ years), emacs (after seeing Elisp), Intellij (after seeing auto complete "just work" on Java/Kotlin projects).

  2. I am currently using IntelliJ/Rust. My main dislike is the how hard it is to script IntelliJ. IntelliJ has "ide scripting console", but documentation is weak. It is also possible to write a plugin in Java/Kotln, but the effort required there is huge compared to "write some Elisp, C-x C-e"

  3. So now, my question is: what is a good editor/ide that both (1) is easily scriptable and (2) has nice Rust support.

For nice Rust support, I'm main looking for: goto-definition (even for crates that curent source depends on), inline display of inferred types / errors. That's about it.

For "scriptable", I'm looking for something like Emac's Elisp or NeoVim's plugin arch of making i teasy to write external programs that talks to NeoVim.


[Please note, this is not a generic "rust ide" question.] This is conditioned on the editor/ide being SCRIPTABLE and having basic goto-def/inline-type-inference support.


Vim + racer + rls supports everything you ask.


I have installed neovim + rls + coc.nvim +

One thing I don't have working yet -- is inline display of inferred types. Is there a way to get this in Vim ?

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Since you're already using neovim, you could jump into some beta stuff and try with I've never tried it, but it's said to work, and shows inline stuff. If it does types though, I'm not sure of, but you've already found the gitter channel and could just ask bfredl if that's possible somehow.