RustManagement v1.0.0 (In development)

RustManager v1.0.0!!! (Almost done, fixing all bugs I can find...)
This thread will be updated when it has been released.

Hello users! im working on a program for the ones that think cargo/rustup is a bit confusing. I've created the ultimate rust manager! :slight_smile: It will be 100% free because I dont believe in selling your potential...

Heres a video demonstration of me using it :slight_smile: (Reminder: this is still in development!)


This looks awesome. Keep going! Thank you for your contribution

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Thank you! its almost done actually, I'm simply making every function feel more efficient and working on every bug I can find.

Maybe you already have this, but is there a background daemon that can be added to windows startup (or linux? is this x-platform?) that periodically checks for new versions automatically?

There isn't quite the thing unless if the user is installed by a custom installer. The only way to do that is to log the rustup-init.exe file and periodically download the latest file and compare it to the last.

I stand incorrect. You can compare the installed rust with the latest rustup-init rile by using these arguments "-V --offline", then with the rustup-init just remove "-init" from the output :slight_smile:

So yes, it is possible to make a rustup auto-updater that saves in startup registry.

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Rust is released regularly every 6 weeks, so maybe you don't need daemon to perform checks, but schedule a task using Windows Task Scheduler :slight_smile:

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Great idea.. will not hesitate to implement :smiley:

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Do you have a link to the repo so we can install from source or browse the code?

Not yet, I have a couple bugs in the "Build Debug" and "Build Release" so i need to fix it.

You might want to release it at less than version 1.0, so that you can be semver-compatible and still fix bugs without having to bump to version 1.1, 1.2, etc., or bumping to version 2.0 if you find that you need to change an API.

Free as in "free speech" or free as in "free beer"?

Some UX tips:

  • make the buttons the same size, you don't need any CTA and the Uninstall Rust button is so big it looks like the main feature
  • make the side panel an about dialog instead, while moving the version info to a status bar - it's wasted screen real estate
  • don't use caps for group labels, it looks a bit wierd because people are not used to reading all caps, especially when mixed with normal text
  • forget the blue text, even though you don't really see it nowadays, this color is still associated with hyperlinks
  • what happens when the user clicks anything from the PROJECT SETTINGS group without any project selected? It's better to hide or disable it

Functionality comments:

  • requiring users to either use this app to create a project or to put their projects in a specific place is not very convenient - at least an import option would be better
  • not everyone uses Atom :wink:

Not trying to be negative, but is such software really needed? The cli does it faster, and if you can't live without the GUI it's already there in the IDE of your choice. Going by the UNIX principle, if this were just a graphical front end for cargo OR rustup instead of a "I'll manage everything Rust related" monolith it could be actually useful for the less cli-inclined.

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Thank you for the reply :slight_smile: ill take it in consideration. And also, that blue text is a hyperlink.

Good idea :smiley:

I would enjoy the opportunity to use this now, if you are comfortable making it available in the current state.

That's cool

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