Rustfmt-bin: Nightly binary releases of rustfmt (and cargo-fmt)


Hey everyone!

I needed to use rustfmt as part of one of my CI tests but building rustfmt
inside a Travis worker takes too long and Travis’ cargo cache doesn’t really work
with my CI model (homu where “pushes” never trigger builds) so I created
this repository that builds rustfmt and cargo-fmt on a nightly basis using
Travis/AppVeyor and then uploads the binaries as GitHub releases.

My main use case is using this binary in a Travis worker for which I use
this command:

$ curl -LSfs | \
    sh -s -- --crate rustfmt --git japaric/rustfmt-bin --tag v0.6.2-20161114 --target x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu --to /usr/bin

to install both binaries to /usr/bin but you could tweak that command to
install the binaries to e.g. ~/.cargo/bin if you want to use them in your
laptop, PC, etc.

If anyone wants a binary for some other target (e.g. ARM) let me know. Chances
are that I just need to uncomment one of these lines to have releases for
that other target.