Which crate to use `rustfmt` or `rustfmt-nightly`

I am trying to use rustfmt APIs inside my code to format my generated rust code from within a library.

It seems that the rustfmt crate is deprecated, but one is recommended to use the rustfmt-nightly crate. The issue is as follows -

with rustfmt crate, I can build the code fine on the stable channel. But I cannot build the code on nightly due to an error - that appears due to transitive dependency of rustfmt (See below) -

Error -

   Compiling extprim v1.7.1
error[E0557]: feature has been removed
  --> /home/gabhijit/.cargo/registry/src/github.com-1ecc6299db9ec823/extprim-1.7.1/src/lib.rs:58:81
58 | #![cfg_attr(extprim_channel="unstable", feature(llvm_asm, test, specialization, const_fn))]
   |                                                                                 ^^^^^^^^ feature has been removed
   = note: split into finer-grained feature gates

My toolchains are as follows -

$ rustup show
Default host: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
rustup home:  /home/gabhijit/.rustup

installed toolchains

nightly-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu (default)

installed targets for active toolchain


active toolchain

nightly-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu (default)
rustc 1.54.0-nightly (ed597e7e1 2021-06-08)

Since I am building some derive macros, I would like to be able to build on nightly as well.

If I instead use rustfmt-nightly even from the git repo, Some or other package croaks with the same error as above. I have tried different tags v1.4.21 (latest released crate version) v1.4.36 (latest released version), master. All of them have the issues.

Any suggestions?

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