Rustc.exe is not installed

Hello. After installing rust, I decided to write a typical command rustc - version, after which I saw an error, according to the instructions I prescribed rustup component add rustc, but this did not help me either. I tried to reinstall rust, which also did not provide any help. Can you help me? I will be grateful

(When I first installed rust, this error was not and everything was fine, but I decided for some reason to reinstall it, after which I began to issue an error)

What is the error? "An error" is not a valid error message.


And how exactly did you do the un-installation?

rustup self uninstall

AFAIK, that will un-install rustup itself, not Rust.

i think you are right, just all the instructions I took from this site and it was said that it would help me, will not tell me how to completely remove rust?

rustup toolchain uninstall stable will remove Rust. Subsequently, running rustup self uninstall will uninstall rustup.

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I prescribe the first comm, nothing happens

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