Installation problem using rustup

Hi i'm new here about rust i have problem, when i install using rustup i make mistake to pause installation process when installing visual studio code thing i guess, when i want reinstall it this appear text that i successfull install it but when i check their path on my folder i can't find it, when i want uninstall it too, my terminal say "rustup doesnt exits (red text in terminal)", is their another way to fix it or reinstall rustup process? Thanks for reading any help appreciate it

Try running %HOME%/.rustup/rustup.exe self uninstall and then try to reinstall.

Using this in terminal or in file explorer? I try both and it say "Windows can't find"

Right, got the path mixed up. Should be %HOME%\.cargo\bin\rustup.exe self uninstall.

this appear, what should i do?

%HOME% works in cmd, but not powershell. You can either replace it with the path to your user directory (looks like C:\Users\HP in your case) or run it from cmd.

i try using cmd but didn't find the path

No one can help?

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